Landlord Tenant and Eviction

Forcible Entry and Detainer

In Rockford, Illinois, the percentage of people in 2017 that rented was 30.97%.  Based on Rockford’s population, that is approximately 46,330 tenants. With that many people there are bound to be both good and bad tenants, just as there are good and bad landlords.  I have represented both landlords and tenants in eviction actions. In Winnebago county the process to evict a tenant is a forcible entry and detainer proceeding. If you have a tenant that is not abiding by their responsibilities, contact me.  I will act promptly to take action to get you the relief that you need and deserve.

If you have a landlord not living up to their responsibilities or taking action they are not entitled to take, contact me to preserve your home.

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The process of removing a tenant can be a little confusing and for a landlord is a very important part of the ownership and operation of your business.  Time is important. Everyday that passes with a tenant not paying rent costs the landlord money. I will work to get the matter into court as soon as reasonably possible to stop the loss.  Contact Rockford lawyer Brian K. Larkin or call 815-964-4601 to schedule a free initial consultation.