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I am attorney Brian K. Larkin.  In my practice, I handle a number of estate planning matters for my Illinois clients. I encourage them to think about the future and get a comprehensive estate plan in place as soon as possible. I can help you accomplish this important task.

A Winnebago County Living Trust Attorney For Your Future Planning Needs

A will is an important document to have prepared. The unexpected can happen at any time, it is essential that there be some record of the client’s desire as to what they want to happen after their death.

In addition to a Will there are further steps that can be taken to provide additional options not provided solely in a will. These include testamentary trusts and living trusts.

  • A testamentary trust is a useful tool for parents, especially those with younger children. A testamentary trust is included in the Will and can provide for a long term administration of the decedent’s desires. These trusts can set aside funds for future educational and other living expenses and will name a trustee to handle distributing money to the children.
  • A living trust is a document that determines how assets are to be handled both before and after death. Living trusts establish a trustee to handle the administration of property contained in trust. Living trusts can help families avoid the probate process, which can be time-consuming and expensive. They also help keep an estate private, whereas wills are filed in court and are available for public view.

Other Legal Tools To Consider

As an estate planning lawyer, I want my clients to think about more than how their family will be provided for after they have passed away. Recording one’s desires for medical and other life decisions is just as important as deciding how to distribute property after death. I prepare power of attorney documents for health care and property. The former concerns the treatment and care my clients would receive in the event of a severe illness or disability. A Power Of Attorney for Property covers assets and finances. These documents can help ensure that my client’s wishes will not have to be debated in court and avoid the appointment of a guardian.

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