Rockford Adoption Attorney

Adoptions happen for a number of different reasons.  Adoptions are one of the few happy events attorneys are involved in.  I have been assisting clients with adoptions for over thirty years.

There are different types of adoptions:

  • Related Adoption- at least one of the parents is related to the child being adopted.
  • Unrelated Adoption- neither parent is related to the child being adopted.
  • International Adoption- the child being adopted is coming to the United States from a foreign country.
  • DCFS Adoption- Typically an adoption which involves the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services involves a child for whom DCFS has been appointed as the Guardian of the child and the parent or parents that are adopting the child is related or not related to the child.
  • Interstate Adoption- involves the child and the parent/s living in separate states, which requires compliance with the Child Care Act of 1969 and the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

In order to be able to adopt a child, the biological parents’ rights will need to be dealt with.  This can be accomplished in different manners usually by consent and if not by consent, by terminating the rights for cause.  There are other concerns in completing an adoption and I am willing to discuss the entire process.

DCFS Subsidized Adoptions

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is involved in thousands of adoptions every year.  DCFS becomes the Guardian of children for any number of reasons everyday and eventually the department, in seeking to provide for the best interest of the children, seeks to have a large number of the children adopted.  The adopting parents may be related to the children, but that is not a requirement, in order to be able to adopt a child. Often times, the foster parents adopt the children that have been placed in their care by DCFS. In completing an adoption with DCFS, the department will require that the adopting parent/s use an attorney from the DCFS Statewide Adoption Attorney Panel to review the subsidy paperwork with the prospective parents.  I am a DCFS Statewide Adoption Attorney Panel member and I can help you through what has at times, been a lengthy process, one which the Department is trying to improve. I have assisted hundreds of parents with adoptions and I can assure you I will not hold up or delay the adoption process. I will work to keep the process moving forward.

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The adoption of a child can provide a lifetime of joy, but there are hurdles that must be overcome to complete an adoption.  The adoption process is important and needs to be completed properly to avoid a later challenge. If you have questions about an adoption I can simplify the process.  Contact Rockford adoption lawyer Brian K. Larkin or call 815-964-4601 to schedule a free initial consultation.